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Statement of Philosophy

Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines (CASM) firmly believes that any one in the World to be deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality of health care, with the broadest range of care options. 

Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines(CASM)

Mission Statement

Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines(CASM) is a professional organisation and the institution of higher education in the India with a curriculum of intergration of various Alternative and Complementary therapies modalities.


Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines(CASM)

Education Strategy, Goals and Objectives

With a view of developing interdisciplinary studies,the council operates through Department of studies. Each Department is headed by a director who arranges to plan, supervise, develop and organise its academic programs and courses in co-ordination with the department staff and the different academic,admistrative and service wings of the council. The emphasis is on providing a wide choice of courses at different level.

Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines(CASM)

Academic Programs

Most of these programs have been developed after initial survey of the demand for such studies.They are launched with a view to fulfill the students need for.Learning materials are prepared for the course by teams of experts drawn from conventional universities, medical institutions and professionals from all over the country and in-house faculty.

Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines incorporated with the Act XXVI of 1961,Govt. of West Bengal, India to achieve the following objectives :


  • To distinguish different Alternative systems of Medicines according to its own philosophy.
  • To spread the systems of therapies as far as possible through the therapies which will have no bad reaction and which are non poisonous.
  • To assess the qualities of different systems of Alternative and Complementary therapies
  • To stop the complexity and monopoly of the Medical treatment.
  • To make the treatment easily available to the mankind of all level.
  • To simplify the Health education and to help the poor derive its benefit.
  • To help the people of some education to make themselves independent after teaching them these Alternative and Complementary therapies.
  • To help the nation too arrive at the goal that in the 20th Century Health will be for all.
  • Democratising higher education by taking Alternative and Complementary therapies education to the doorsteps of the students.
  • Providing access to high quality of education to all those who seek it, irrespective of age, region. 
  • Offering need-based academic programs by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses.
  • Promoting and developing  Alternative and Complementary therapies education worldwide.
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