Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines
Registered by the Government of West Bengal Act. XXVI of 1961 based on Central Government Act.1860



  • Dr. Archi Majumdar
  • Dr. Arijit Basu
  • Dr. Sahidullah
  • Dr. Anand Prasad Mourya
  • Dr. Ambuj Kanti Saha
  • Dr. Sudipta Gun
  • Dr. Dr. C. Mandal
  • Dr. H.R. Mandal
  • Dr. Somnath Chatterjee
  • Dr. Mita Saha
  • Dr. Kingshuk Das
  • Dr. Neha Tripathi
  • Dr. S. K. Samanta
  • Dr. Tirtha Roy
  • Dr. Abhisek Bhowmick
  • Dr. Sayan Mitra




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Recognized Alternative Medicine Courses

recognized alternative medicine diploma courses

recognized alternative medicine degree courses

Govt. recognized Alternative medicine Master degree courses


Registered Practitioners in Alternative Medicines

Alternative Medicine Practitioners Registration

Renewal of Registration of Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Code of Ethics for the Alternative Medicines Practitioners



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