Alternative Medicine Practitioners in Tripura

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Registration No. Name Location Status
CASM(A)1058 Debattam Debnath Tripura   Active  
CASM(A)1372 Manidipa Laskar Tripura   Active  
CASM(A)1491 Soumen Sen Tripura   Active  
CASM(A)1608 R. Ranjan Chakraborty Tripura   Active  
CASM(A)1609 Mani Bhusan Kar Tripura   Active  
CASM(A)4342 Biswajit Das Tripura   Suspended  
CASM(A)4537 Rabindra Sutradhar Tripura   Cancelled 
CASM(A)4687 Pranab Ch. Roy Tripura   Active   
CASM(A)4689 Debajit Bhattacharjee Tripura   Active   
CASM(A)5359 Soma Nag Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)16599 Rasendra Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)16482 Nisha Rani Debnath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)16481 Amiyabrata Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)16392 Shyamal Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)16352 Hari Sankar Nath Bhaumik Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)16348 Bijit Ch.Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15757 Susanta Bhattacharjee Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15675 Sibani Sinha Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15667 Sharada Prasad Sharma Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15641 Swapan Malakar Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15636 Dwijendra Kr.Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15628 Sudip Ch. Rudra Paul Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15627 Joyjit Tarafdar Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15497 Rajib Deb Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15437 Nirmal Dutta Roy Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15301 Sankar Chandra Lodh Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15256 Subrata Deb Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)15175 Rajib Chatterjee Tripura   Active   
CASM(A)6101 Ratan Lal Sutradhar Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)17642 Sanjit Nath Tripura   Active   
CASM(B)20110 Kanti Lal Gupta West Tripura   Active  

Alternative Medicine Practitioners in Tripura

If you are an Alternative Medicine practitioner, and interested to enlist your name in this Directory
 within two weeks your name updated in this Directory
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CASM students can apply for attestation of their certificate completed with CASM by the Ministry of External Affairs (Foreign Ministry), Government of India for using them internationally.

Attestation is available for students who have completed the Diploma, Bachelor or Postgraduate programs.

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Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India "The Judicious use of Alternative Systems of Medicine is found cost effective and having lesser or no side effects. India stays in rural setup, where medicines from alternative systems can play very big role in curing the primary healthcare problems."

 Narendra Modi

"I am also happy to learn that the Council is providing research, education, health services through holistic approach with complementary alternative & traditional medicines for the benefit of the society."

 Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, Government of  India

  "Though, both Central as well as State Governments are laying enormous focus to create health care infrastructure, we still face huge shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas. The resurgence of traditional and alternative medicine can play an important role to bridge this gap. I am happy to know that Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines has completed 30 years of its service."

 Kiran Rijiju, Minister of Home Affairs, Government of  India