Examination centre will be fixed in one or more places in each region depending upon strength of the students. The exam centre would be in the vicinity of the study centre, keeping in mind that student do not have to travel much for appearing the examination.

Three options are introduced for the examination.


The students are assessed on the basis of their course assignments and examination. The Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines believes that the three-hour examination is an obsolete method of assessing students’ true potentials. After the scheduled duration of the course, the Council sends the question papers to the students, which have to be answered at their comfortable place and timings. The candidates are required to submit their answer-sheets within the prescribed time limit to the Institute. This unique methodology helps students to write best answers based on their acquired knowledge through course materials as well as their personal experience. CASM has designed this liberal and unique methodology that allows students to make maximum benefits of their knowledge and experience. The panel of faculty and examiners design the question papers in such a way that there may be no option of copying the answers and will require personal skills, understanding and analysis of the subject.


Online Examination : Students can appear examination ONLINE through Computer/Laptop/Smartphone on the examination schedule . Unique PASSWORD will be given for LOG IN


If a student desires to appear for 3 hour classroom conventional examination, he can do so. The exam will be conducted in Kolkata centre. However the Centre may be opened in other cities also subject to the sufficient number of students opting for the examination in the concerned city.

The students should intimate their choice of option for examination at the time of enrollment.

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